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The right to use this Applet is hereby granted. The only thing we require in return is the inclusion of the OpenCube copyright notification in the "Notice" parameter. See below for more information as well as a complete parameter list.

How to Use The 3D Message Applet...

Below is a list of the parameters that may be used to customize the 3D Message effect Java applet.

Parameter 1 must be included in the applet tag in order for the applet to work. Most of the parameters will default if you fail to define them, however we suggest you include all the parameters so the applet is ensured to work correctly. Usually the easiest thing to do is cut and paste the applet tag info used in the sample and modify it to fit your web page.

Color Definition: This applet uses a simple RGB color scheme. To define a color in one of the color parameters use a value between 0 - 255 for the red, green, and blue components separated by commas and typed out in the correct r,g,b order. Below is a sample of how a color parameter should look, the example specifies several different sample colors for the "bgcolor" parameter.

WHITE: <param name="bgcolor" value="255,255,255">
GREEN: <param name="bgcolor" value="0,255,0">
BLACK: <param name="bgcolor" value="0,0,0">
YELLOW: <param name="bgcolor" value="255,255,0">
OFF WHITE: <param name="bgcolor" value="240,239,234">

The best way to choose the exact color you are looking for without having to guess the numbers is to access your systems Color Picker. Color Pickers usually allow you to drag the mouse over a rainbow type color grid to select a color, and show you the appropriate RGB values. In windows the Color Picker is accessible through MS Paint as well as a majority of the popular Imaging and HTML Authoring Software.

Parameter 1
Attribute: Copyright notice.
param name="Notice"
value="3D Message Effect, Copyright (c) 1996 OpenCube Technologies - Freeware"
Note: This must be included for the applet to work.

Parameter 2
Attribute: Background Color
param name="bgcolor"
Value=r,g,b where r,g,b represent the red, green and blue components of the color
as described above.

Parameter 3
Attribute: Message Font Name
param name="font"
value="X", where X is the name of a valid system font. (default = "Arial")

Parameter 4
Attribute: Message Font Size
param name="size"
value="X", where X is the size of the message font. (default = 10)

Parameter 5
Attribute: Italic Style
param name="italic"
value=true or false, true = yes italics, false = no italics - plain text

Parameter 6
Attribute: Bold Style
param name="bold"
value=true or false, true = yes bold, false = not bold - plain text

Parameter 7
Attribute: 3D Size
param name = "3dsize"
value="X", where X is the size of the 3D effect, 1=large as possible 255=small as possible (default = 10)

Parameter 8
Attribute: 3D Message Delay
param name = "delay"
value="X", where X is the time in milliseconds that the final 3D Message will pause. Default is 2000 or 2 seconds.

Parameter 9
Attribute: Movement Animation Delay
param name = "movedelay"
value="X", where X is the time in milliseconds of delay between animated movement frames.

Parameter 10
Attribute: 3D Animation Delay
param name = "delay3d"
value="X", where X is the time between frames in milliseconds for the 3d effect animation (default = 40)

Parameter 11
Attribute: Message
param name="desc0" - "descN"
Use "desc0" as the param name for the first line of text to be scrolled, "desc1" for the second, "desc2" for the third... you may use as many lines as you wish!
value=X, where X is the message for the given line, make certain your message is shorter than the width of the applet or its likely to get cut up.

Parameter 12
Attribute: Movement Direction
param name="heading0" - "headingN"
"heading0" corresponds to "desc0", "heading1" to "desc1", etc., as described above. There are four allowable values for a custom heading 0=move up, 1=move right, 2=move down, 3=move left, 4=no movement. If you leave the heading blank for any given line the movement direction is random.

Parameter 13
Attribute: Number of Messages
param name="numberofmessages"
value=X, where x is the number of messages, for example if you
use, as above, "desc0" = "hello world" and "desc1" = "Welcome to my web page"
then numberofmesages tag would = 2