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a dirty horizon.a blooming rose.a burning building.palms tipped to the sky.

this is just one of the many worlds created by artist mario patino, whose digital works hint at the emotional evolution enabled by internet technologies. while the borders between global cultures have in many ways been torn down by widespread internet communication, those on the net relate in highly charged psychological spaces. while emotions can hint at the gestures, movements and voices of internet communicators, there is often a certain artifice to their use. understandable, seeing that their existence gives internet communication away. emotions reveal that words alone are often not enough. the information revolution provides us with a strange new world, a binary code viewed through shimmering, non linear surfaces

in patino's work, a sense of frustrated communication & passionate introvertion is palpably expressed. a certain cool, remoteness clings to his socially atomised figures. their hands rise to the air evocating possibility and loss. patino's figures stand at the crossroads of time. eyes cocked towards a passionate past, ears tuned to the approaching rumble of an uncertain future; looking into the background of patino's works you'll see that the slate is bare.

hinted in gesture and reflected in landscape, mario patino's digital figures stand on the brink of a surreal new world: a promise, a remembrance, an emotional signpost.